About Bitcoin

For most of its life, Bitcoin (BTC) was seen as a fickle bet that would probably never happen. Take a look at the countless disclosures detailed on this site about the “death” of cryptocurrency.

But that narrative began to change. As of today, Bitcoin has slashed its jaw by about 150%, shocking investors around the world.

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While crypto investors use such moves, Bitcoin’s strengths come as the macroeconomic and geopolitical phase begins to deteriorate rapidly.

This dichotomy has led many economists, investors and even politicians to give Bitcoin nodes a value store and a safe place. Or, to put it simply, cryptocurrency may be a necessary escape from the wrong management of the FATO system and government.

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Indeed, the BTC was created by a pseudonym of details provided by a global reactor group and backed by no government, traditional financial system and single entity. And yes, bitcoin was released because of the Great Recession of 2008 (and probably the result).

A damaging macro environment
The geopolitical and macroeconomic phase has deteriorated rapidly over the past year. There are currently (debt) debts in excess of $ 17 trillion, most of which are prestigious; The Federal Reserve recently cut its hair after the Great Recession. Brexit and other periods of unrest in the Union; And currency crises in places like Venezuela, where Bitcoin is taking over these economies.

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But it gets worse.

In August, you saw the Argentine peso fall 26% while its capital markets are plunging. Look at hundreds of Argentina bonds, now trading at $ 38 a barrel, down about 80. (Bitcoin, by the way, is trading at a premium in Argentina.)

Denmark recently issued a 0.5% negative mortgage, which means you borrowed to buy a house to repay the bank and not the principal.

Siemens issued a two-year, negative note with an effective 30-point return and a zero-percent breaking round; Germany has issued 30-year bonds worth € 300 million, with an effective yield of 11 seconds.