Overview of Montgomery South RV Park

The equipment and prices of the caravan parks differ to the same extent as in the hotel / motel industry. RV parks like hotels can get you from Motel 6 to New York Rich. But the key to a good caravan park is for owners to get to know the gap. In other words, be comfortable with it and recharge accordingly. This describes the Montgomery campground quite well, though the price is presumably slightly high.

Occasionally, a caravan traveler needs all the comfort and trouble. Sometimes they just want to spend a nice place at night where they feel safe. From time to time, a place like Montgomery South RV Park is appropriate. We spent a quiet night there with all the comforts we could expect.

There are 30 places, most of which are pebble, all large and passable. Clean toilets, especially nice with chairs, mirrors and showers, WiFi and full connectivity. 30 and 50 amps service is available at all locations. No cable, but indicate that five channels are available. Propane is also sold, which is an excellent service for propane users.

Montgomery South RV Park is 12 to 14 miles south of Montgomery, Alabama, depending on the map you read. It is located at exit 158, I-65. 1/8 mile east and one mile north on Venable Rd and you're there.

The owner welcomed us on site and the staff were generally very helpful and friendly. The office has a large television and one or two sofa beds. I went out to the windows of the caravan and observed traffic jams on I-65. However, the noise does not seem to be a problem at all.

I paid $ 26 with a discount. The park is a good Sam park and has been rated in Woodalls. All major credit cards are accepted, including Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express.

The WiFi signal is not as strong as I would like, although it is usually serviceable. There are numerous hectares of pasture for pets. I think it's a great place to spend the night.

Montgomery South RV Park is located at 713 Venable Rd.