Cruises – Defining the Adventure Travel

Cruising holidays may seem like a fairy tale, but the shipping market has become a reality for many people today. Today's cruise ships have different types of cabins, from interior cabins to penthouse suites, depending on what you're looking for. People also have the opportunity to enjoy the experiences and culture of travel destinations during […]

Enjoy nature on the unspoiled rivers of North Alabama

Two untouched rivers in North Alabama offer nature lovers a quiet opportunity for fishing, rowing and birding. The Flint River and the Paint Rock River are the last free-flowing tributaries of the Tennessee River Basin in the north of the state. Unlike the Tennessee River and its four popular TVA saved lakes, however, the Flint […]

Overview of Montgomery South RV Park

The equipment and prices of the caravan parks differ to the same extent as in the hotel / motel industry. RV parks like hotels can get you from Motel 6 to New York Rich. But the key to a good caravan park is for owners to get to know the gap. In other words, be […]

The corporate abolitist

As a boy, I always enjoyed talking to my grandfather. There was a shareholder who moved to Pittsburgh from Alabama. In fact, great storyteller. I think that's why I enjoy analogues and metaphors so much. Traveling was not easy at the time, he said. Interstate travel was not user-friendly for African-American people. We could not […]

Why is gambling so fun?

The question we are examining here is what is gambling? Gambling takes risks. Gambling takes a chance to win. Most gambling games are used in cards, sales, house bumps, game shows, horse betting, dog betting, fighting, sporting events and anything else where there is a risk. The gambling side is legal in some states and […]

About Bitcoin

For most of its life, Bitcoin (BTC) was seen as a fickle bet that would probably never happen. Take a look at the countless disclosures detailed on this site about the “death” of cryptocurrency. But that narrative began to change. As of today, Bitcoin has slashed its jaw by about 150%, shocking investors around the […]

Great golf near Scottsboro, Alabama

Scottsboro is a town in northeastern Alabama in the scenic mountain lakes region. In temperate climates, residents and visitors can enjoy outdoor activities throughout the year. Golf enthusiasts can play golf at several excellent courses in the area. There are two great municipal courses, a semi-private course and a stop at the Robert Trent Jones […]