The drunk

The drunk ((Poems, poisoned by Booze) (verse 18) The drunk 1) Death Day (or the death of a drunk) No escape, all roads led to him, Mr. Barleycorn! I could smell it, I could taste it, and I would say hello the second day I met her. The shape is like beer bottles, like a […]

83-year-old law continues to govern books that sell wine and are expensive for consumers

Alcohol-oriented beverage sales are highly regulated and operate in all 50 states. These systems are known as both the three-tier system and the control system model, which are applied in 18 control states / jurisdictions. Basically the three-step system (very simply): Manufacturers deliver alcoholic products to wholesalers / distributors, who then distribute these products to […]

Modern hybrid development by Canna Lily

Modern varieties of canisters (varieties) began to appear 250 years ago with a collection of native wild canisters, technically called "species" by botanists. The canna wild species produced large leaves that grew rapidly and had a tropical appearance in the landscaped garden. The flowers of wild canes were small and considered to be of little […]

III. Sabal Palms: Sabal palmetto and smaller Sabal species

Continuation of our hard palm series Sabal palmetto, the palm that bears the state flag of south carolina and florida. The following descriptions highlight the enormous diversity of species. Sabal palmetto (Palmetto Palm) The 40 tall S. palmetto is a tribe in the southeastern United States. Its native range extends from North Florida to coastal […]

The 50 most popular inspirational films

This is my list of movies that inspire me the most. I'm a filmologist and I hope you guys are inspired by this list. Have fun 1. THE CONDITION OF LOVE – A rich story emerges of a man who follows his dream and does not let his circumstances get in his way 2. Don't […]

The 20 best-learned acoustic guitar songs

Find great acoustic guitar songs When I started searching for the best / great acoustic guitar songs, I started dreaming of a time when I was an eternally young guitarist and trying to digest everything on the radio. Ever since I started playing the guitar a few decades ago, I have produced countless acoustic guitar […]

Through the eyes of Forrest Gump

"I don't know if Mom was right or if Lieutenant Dan. I don't know if we all have a fate, or we all swim around like a breeze, but I think maybe both. They may both happen at the same time." Forrest Gump (Tom Hanks) I didn't see Robert Zemeckis; Forrest Gump when it was […]