Taser torture time

If you are ever at the end of the inn, you will have an unforgettable experience. You probably won't even notice the two electric probes traveling at 100 miles per hour, but will definitely notice the 50,000-volt current that immediately overrides the central nervous system.

And he will always remember pain and embarrassment, because electrical impulses cause involuntary muscle contractions when paralyzed to the ground, possibly losing the bladder and bowel.

As part of the extraordinary training, police who experienced a 1.5-second kick said: "Anyone who has experienced this will remember forever."

That's a 1.5-second gap. The usual tasting time is 5 seconds unless the trigger is held down. Then it lasts until the battery runs out.

A Michigan County sheriff called, "The longest five seconds of my life. It's an extreme pain, no question."

A firearms consultant described it as: "The deepest pain I have ever felt. You fully comply with the rules because they do not want this pain again."

Around 250,000 rattled weapons are used as "non-lethal" weapons by law enforcement agencies in the United States, Canada and 70 other countries. In most cases, they are used for pain-related compliance – an accurate description of torture.

In fact, after a number of recent North American deaths, a UN commission has stated that electrical drug weapons are a form of torture that can kill. A panel of 10 experts continued: "These weapons cause severe pain, a form of torture and, in some cases, can cause death."

According to Amnesty International, more than 300 deaths worldwide are attributed to indiscriminate tasting. They called for the use of the tasting to be suspended and for a full investigation.

Because our new Attorney General Michael Mukasey cannot define water sports as torture, and since our chief torturer claims not to torture while conducting "enhanced interrogation" in secret prisons around the world, the deadly use of cardinals is should be rejected as a consequence.

According to the tasting company, their "non-lethal" weapon will save lives as an effective alternative to real weapons. Obviously true. No reason. Over and over again, the tazers provided life-saving protection. But their use has changed. Tazers can cause torture and kill you. In fact, they become the perfect proper weapons for the fascist police states in which we are rapidly becoming.

Take into account the recent death of Robert Dziekanski (40), a recently English-speaking speaker at Vancouver Airport, who spent ten hours at the airport without assistance. He tossed a chair, tried to break things, and calmed down when security arrived. The Vancouver police spoke to him for exactly 24 seconds, then he accumulated, campfires flew and set him to death. Full video footage of the incident shows her confused on the ground and screaming for a long time before she died.

In another recent case, a 54-year-old man was hit by a car in the Ozark, Alabama. The local police condemned her for not responding to the command to leave the vehicle – which she could not do because of her health. She had a diabetic attack. He had no criminal records and the tests did not show alcohol in his system. During his assignment he was accused of directing.

Jared Massey was taken over by Utah Highway patrolman John Gardner on September 14 for alleged speeding. When Massey refused to sign the speeding pass, Gardner's trooper slid past his pregnant wife, who stepped out of their car, screaming at her husband's sight as he was on the ground on his back. Massey plans to sue the Utah Highway Patrol.

The 23-year-old Mostafa Tabatabainejad student was repeatedly graded by UCLA police while in the Powell Library Computer Lab. Is it his sin? He refused to show his ID. Police know that it is at least a minute before we are able to stand up to a rogue shooting, but according to a video and eyewitnesses, police claim they have been forced to their feet because they have been repeatedly and repeatedly stunned.

Tabatabainejad screams, cries, begs and asks him to stop while the shock continues, causing 50,000 volts of paralysis due to the misery of the police.

Amnesty International reports that the tasting is used almost uncontrollably. Taste-related deaths are on the rise. Tasting-related tortures are daily – and obviously no one is immune.

Non-cooperative children, such as pregnant women, people with disabilities, people with mental illness, people with disabilities and helpless suspects, can be imagined.

Orange County police evaluated an 18-year-old Orlando man who was hospitalized for refusing to give a urine sample.

Police in Washougal, Washington, tried to make a reference to Russian immigrant Olga Rybak because her dog had bitten another officer the day before. Rybak, who spoke little English, requested a translator. Instead, they presented a taste and shocked 12 young people twice in 91 seconds, who were threatened by the taste as they tried to help their mother.

The boys are still receiving psychiatric treatment for post-traumatic stress disorder. The officer concerned was a tasting officer in the police department.

I could list similar events there, which are really horrible. Most events concern unarmed or already restricted persons. These are often used strictly as a means of compliance. Means of torture.

Take into account the fact that US military units are using scenes – including the 800 Military Police Brigade, which is responsible for torturing Iraq's famous Abu Ghraib prison.

What is to be done with an out-of-control police force ready to torture anyone for any reason or no reason? Well, you can try to fight the fire. For about $ 300 you can buy your own personal tasting in a variety of colors.

Taser has sold more than 120,000 consumer versions of its torture equipment since 1994. You also have 50,000 volts in your pocket – unless you live in DC, HI, MA, MI, RI, NY, NJ or WI, where they are still illegal. CT and IL allow civil use, subject to restrictions.

Just think! When law enforcement thinks, you can simply empty your own tasting, and … no, not a good idea. He may be killed. Or take them for a longer vacation to the Gitmo Hotel. It's best to try to protect yourself from the wicked.

As long as torture is legal in this country, there is little you can do to protect yourself – except for keeping it low and getting involved with the rest of Sheeple. Until we decide to return this country – what's left – no matter what the cost.

In the meantime, our benevolent government has developed a new high-tech weapon that is even more effective than tasting. This is a hot-wave, known as ADS (Active Denial System) microwave gun, which uses high-power radio waves to vibrate the target molecules violently and cause an unbearable burning sensation.

As the blood begins to boil, you will experience the true meaning of pain and torture.

The ADS should be used to disperse angry masses or violent rebels – approx. 2500 feet away. Of course it will be used in Iraq. If and when it is used as mass control over our own citizens, speculation remains open.

The few things in which this country is still excellent are creating tools of pain and destruction.

Using Taser is almost out of control. Note the daily reported events for future reference. Remember that true freedom of speech no longer exists – and check the incentive to comment accordingly. Remember that torture is legal – and the new law enforcement motto is Comply or Die. Or at least suffer a moment of electrical damage.

Your choice? Accept the status quo. Leave the place and search for a better place. Changing the status quo – the hardest choice.

Good luck.