The drunk

The drunk

((Poems, poisoned by Booze) (verse 18)

The drunk

1) Death Day

(or the death of a drunk)

No escape, all roads led to him, Mr. Barleycorn!

I could smell it, I could taste it, and I would say hello the second day

I met her. The shape is like beer bottles, like a woman's body.

The first day I drank it was my death day.

Yeah, I was drunk the day I took my first drink. I knew before

Go without beer.

After my first drink, when it was close to me, it was like a vibration of a harp, falling up and down my spine, from my brain to my throat.

That was the beginning! But after that it was rare

The desire that took over, I lost the harp.

No: 4526 (6/6/2014)

2) Drunk years are the devil

((1960-1968) (The Cayuga Street Gang))

The crazy drunken are evil years

To drive under the influence,

Take control and miss the destruction by an inch!

To do what others would not dare:

This life was made possible by the barley maize crop

The only way for me to broadcast!

That's how men lived my life.

So I think from my old neighborhood, it's called

Donkeyland by the police in St. Paul, Minnesota!

Gender: 4512 (06-06-2014)

3) Drunk in Sydney (1964-1984)

(Sidney, Australia, 1971)

I always broke it back then (1964-1984)

Although the wildest and craziest times.

It had fallen into the cold gray in the morning

I was pathetic chaos often, often!

Burned hands and coat once in Sidney

(While researching and researching the Vietnam War, & # 39; 71)

It must have come from a hot record,

I slept on my forearms all night against drunk!

Burned black – I didn't feel anything, too drunk!

Obviously, I sailed to mine

Unconsciousness, far from dead, in a dream:

Oyster beds!

Gender: 4513 (06-06-2014)

4) Drunk, drinking for comrades!


Why I felt I had to live this life, to live

As they did?

Thanks to the drinking I got everything

My friends, comrades, even deal with shops.

If you refuse to drink at all, you should never

He was chosen for the social side

Scale: work, life in general, army,

Neighborhood! Even when I was a teenager

Detention for this very reason! We all

It boasts and boasts: to live and to love

And be loved, right? Maybe there is

Something to do with it; yet I have seen it in life

Many are immersed in the ditch, never placed

Together with myself, just knowing that I'm dying

In my twenties, through it, through trying to maintain it

This is the kind of company! Yes, I beat the odds,

Now sixty-six, and that's a whole different story! …

No: 4514 (8-6-2014)

5) Crazy and helplessly drunk (1981-84)

Yes, it is a misconception, but nevertheless

I left myself with the lives of crazy drunks!

Through the progressive stages,

Iron works of art!

The taste was not good and I told myself why

Drink, unless you are drunk, waste your time and

Money, so I smoked three packs a day

It's part of drinking every day … ignoring it

Money and food. I didn't even buy clothes myself,

More and more beer and foam.

I could put everything I owned into a small chest

That's all I have: a pair of shoes, boots, five dollars

Overalls, some cotton shirts, a few pairs

Lingerie, and in the end a room, my mom

Provided that whoever bought me socks,

I didn't own them either, with no holes in my toes!

God forgive me for the kind of life I've lived!

And sometimes my brother picked me up,

You work with the semitrailer for a day or two,

And after work he returned to half a dozen salons.

Never put it in clothing stores.

Gender: 4515 (06-06-2014)

6) Doyen's Drunken Army (1969-1980)

And I didn't mind. In fact, I was very proud!

In the army I showed the best of men as I could

Drink with them, drink a lot.

So I proved myself strong-yes, I kept it

The title of the leader, among the strong.

Maybe I was poor in childhood

Coated, maybe I felt better being doyen

Drunk and half drunk warrior like chips in the

Old block, boring work about ten cents behind

You are counting in some coin and nickel stores

Something machine business, the army let me chase

This drinking is much more than average

The employer would do it, and throughout the world I went from:

From Vietnam to Guam and Japan, and to Sidney,

Germany and Switzerland. Then to Belgium,

Luxembourg, Italy and France …

I went through all the drunken drinkers like a piece.

Gender: 4516 (8-6-2014)

7) San Francisco drunk (1968-69)

I broke up in San Francisco

We had to eat in the mission house!

I drank more and learned more

About drinking, more

In the neighborhood where I lived

Did I have a catalyst? Now drink

Drink, I could drink on average

Drunk and show me my strength

Masculinity. He was even drunk in a bar

The sun has landed on the moon;

At the age of twenty-nine. THE

The city was exploitation and I never drew

Good breath! And my drinking

The stage did not even reach its peak

From the Tower of Babel;

So after a year, it was time for me

Moving on to Mexico and

And North Dakota, a bottle


Gender: 4518 (06-06-2014)

8) Drunk in the wooden house (1984-2014)

(Roseville, Minnesota)

You're drunk in my head

There was a whisper in my head:

Always call! And one day it was loud!

As soon as I got out of the chalet, down

Rice Street, Roseville, Minnesota.

He said, "Is this your whole life?

Don't drink every day, monotonous?

Tomorrow will go through the same thing

Basic movements, again and again

He rushes toward the glass while he is there

There is no end "; I was not surprised by this

In fact, it calmed me down like cool bedding.

But yes, I went to the tide!

But one day, again get out of the

Chalet – maybe a few months later,

I said to the whisper:

"Take care of my life, it's not worth living like this,

Or sober, I can't do it myself!

And I don't know how to do it with anyone

Else "- and George with somebody somewhere

I got to read a book and I love books

And I learned to stop somebody

Drinking, you have to give it to someone

Something better than us, why

In that case, do you stop drinking?

That made sense to me! …

And as I said, I loved reading: and yes,

God was smart: and I read the book:

Cover cover; the Lord asked

To get into my life and take it out

Booze once and for all and did:

And then I stopped smoking.

Step by step, he led me into a vortex

Where the quay lights were gone

Red but green, sentimental

Farewell to the old methods of poisoning

Old Nick and his barley tricks!

And now I'm sober for thirty years

And you wrote forty-seven books!

No: 4517 (8-6-2014)

9) The drunk troubadour

I never knew a girl would love to believe it or not!

I was too drunk to recognize what love is!

Not that I'm not my romance.

And I've never met a woman's love.

The love of my children wasn't really either.

I saw the world back then, a

Effect of beer and wine: even precisely

On the map, around this beautiful globe:

I went to many ports and cities and got stoned

In: Seattle, Omaha, Milwaukee and Chicago …

Frankfurt, Darmstadt, Augsburg, France and

Switzerland! Also mentioned in Sydney, Australia

Some. Vietnam! You always have a guitar on hand,

I was a drunk troubadour, singing and writing

My poetry was waiting for a hero song as I went through it

Or death!

Gender: 4521 (06-06-2014)

10) Drunk in the nuclear guarantee

(1974-1976) 545 Ordinance Company

It was Barleycorn who pulled me to death

Swinish in the dark and drunk

Day after day: beautiful whores at sunset,

Ugly when I got up at sunset.

The decay of the soul, this is called!

Bang I was in a military uniform:

I've been traveling the world for eight years: Corporal,

Sergeant Buck, Sargent staff, drunk!

NCOIC, the nuclear safety …

Gender: 4525 (06-06-2014)

11) Hennepin's drunken poet!

(Minneapolis, 1981 – & # 39; 83)

I walked along 1st Ave and Hennepin

In Le Minneapolis!

That's why I sweat during my glorious youth

Beer, wine and whiskey outside,

I swear at almost every bar: I watched Prince

Sing on the first avenue, drunk as a fool!

I'm not crying drunk, I've never been like this,

Not a melancholic blotto, oh no, it was me

Quiet writing a poem in the barracks

Minneapolis, lost some space in fog, or

Back to Vietnam. That's all

Cozy eighties. There are some poems I have written

Up in the newspapers in Minneapolis!

I was a hero drunk in the streets:

First Avenue and Hennepin at night.

Gender: 4520 (06-06-2014)

12) the Babenhausen,

West Germany Drunk (1977)

I went home from the bar many nights

Babenhausen, 1977, the year

Elvis, he's dead … I heard the guest houses

Playing Neil Diamond's song: & # 39; Cracklen & # 39; Rosie & # 39;

So I was a military drunk who kept singing

The way to the military facility, the residential area,

I was a little over halfway through

The grass is wasted, shattered in the grass!

I looked at my back, looking at the starlight!

Red, green and white lights are flashing

The road is nearby. Sometimes I even swam a

Few strokes in the grass, like water.

Drunk with dreams and after hours of cold

I got up slowly, very tired and very cold, but

Quite restrained, for days the military patrol.

When you are young, your body is somewhat capable

Resist the tension, the tension and the pull!

Gender: 4522 (06-06-2014)

13) The sober drink, the drunk

When you are sober for a year for a year

In 1981, I wanted to save a marriage by '82,

But what a fool I was, you won't stop

For these reasons you stop saving yourself, I went

Back to drinking when marriage couldn't

Be saved!

Similarly, I had a friend in Alabama

1978, who also stopped saving for marriage,

And raise your children after that has happened,

He returned to drinking, saying, "… and missed

I just wanted them to grow fast

And get out of the house so I can go back

Ivni! "That was all he thought!

Nine months later, he died: he was cured

In the few months he didn't drink

Twenty years.

Gender: 4524 (06-06-2014)

14) To die for a drink, drunk

If you are sober for a while, you do not want to die.

So I found many reasons to make a living

One Year of Sober, 1981 -82. But when I do

His wife left me because of sin or whatever, I drank

Again. So I felt like I was more this time

They are able to immerse themselves. He told me:

"You weren't drunk, and now you're going

AA meetings every night, never at home like before,

Hell, you're more sober than you are

Drunk! "I couldn't win, so I went back to drinking;

I called it slipping, but it was more like a slump!

Gender: 4523 (06-06-2014)

15) A drunk mess thirty-six!

I was doing fine until I was thirty-three

When I lost my job, my car, and I was fine!

Before, there was no place to go and sleep

He slept in cars, in the attic, and even with his friends

They rented a garage to sleep

Where were my friends? Mr. Barleycorn,

He proved he threw me a reinforcement

Ditch. When I thought I'd be up, he was

He never stopped the rebellion, with brain effects …

Now physical excitement, too much inactivity:

You slowly sink into the deep path, as if

Life is nothing but a mountain of sand. I was like that

Fragile like a soda cracker. All thirty-six.

I knew that if I didn't stop drinking, I would never

Do it for forty …

No: 4527 (8-6-2014)

16) Drunk and monkey

The monkey is looking for the strongest branch.

The bird is the tallest and safest!

Man, looking for the most decisive place

You can live, plan and stay safe, usually underneath

The tree or the cave, wherever it is

Water, food and security! But it's the drunk

It's different than it will climb the tree

Monkey, I didn't think where I was

The weakest point, or the safest, he is not

Does it make sense to go down a

Wood and looking safe company; even if

It will rain again and again, it will only get it

Make a backup and get started!

Gender: 4528 (06-06-2014)

17) Drunk with poison-soaked brains

When I was young, I was in my twenties

Healthy, normal, full of the joy of life: kill

I would have been weird myself,

And far from my head or my brain! But I was

It kills my nerves and my brain,

He doesn't really realize it, and he's not afraid to poison:

And if you told me that, I said,

All this rotting, gobbledygook in your head!

You're too dramatic, romantic

creative; – You see, he's crazy,

It generates time! But it's hard to know

Yes, the older I was, the more morbid alcoholics I was

I met; I'm still injured with life, call

Disappointed: quickly after a long debate!

Then I met after I stopped drinking,

– Well, those who don't, and I saw they were tired

Worn, nerves and brains: soaked with poison,

Baked and toasted, as if in a long drunken dream!

Gender: 4529 (06-06-2014)

Note: The Poet was a licensed drug and alcohol counselor for ten years, serving as director of the Hawthorn Institute and as a senior counselor for dialogue disorders at Riverhills Hospital, Prescott Wisconsin, and the Minnesota Federal and State Prison System. seven years. Drinking for 22 years; and thirty years of common sense.

18) The world is drunk!

Alcohol-soaked roads, scored with salons!

After I enter a salon, I can talk to anyone

Male or female, no matter which city or town!

No stranger in the salon …

Some of them I wrote on my napkin for my poetry!

Smoking cigarettes after smoking until some

One woke me up from the trance.

But how to plan alcohol consumption – trick,

Need to guide you around: work and sleep?

No matter how I designed it, it always was

The first drink. I'd even pay for the oven

Drink with me, relax

From the thought of organizing the task.

And most often I got a

Suggestion to join another drink

At the bar or at the nearby table.

The more salons I went to one night, the more

Jingle in my throat, so I could meet you

Everyone in a small village or town, all in one

Long drunk night! And this is the service

Alcohol makes it. And it never changed where-

I've always traveled the world.

Germany, Switzerland, Amsterdam,

Scottish and soda, beer and wine, barbarian

Or friends, just as weird people, and

Strangers, from one salon to another …

Everyone was a brother: not to order milk.

Gender: 4529 (06-06-2014)

(18) Once upon a time there was a Drunk,

One of my aftercare clients once asked:

"How can you afford to travel around the world?"

He was a federal prisoner, now in a halfway house,

Who served three years under a drunken robbery!

With so many words I said:

"I smoked three packs of cigarettes a day,

And drink at least half a beer! Just add above! "

I added, "This was fifteen years ago, so we have to do it

Doubles it somehow. But the number is: beer, $ 10 dollars

Daily: $ 300 / month; now for the cigarette:

Three packages a day for $ 4.00, then some,

Thirty days, it will be: $ 120 per month.

That's just $ 420 a month for the twelfth! "

He said, "Wow! That's $ 5,040 a year

(or $ 10,080 in today's economy) "

So I said (in 1998) he was just coming back from India

"This recent trip costs me $ 3,800: airline tickets and hotels

And one breakfast a day, plus some extra! therefore,

I got $ 1,240 left over from those beers and cigarettes

I'm not using it anymore. This is how I can afford to do this! "

And looking at me in disbelief, if not strange, he said,

"Really need to travel!" And I kept,

"Yes, I found something better than beer and cigarettes."

Gender: 4530 (06-06-2014)