Restaurant Review: McDonald's Dickinson's, Dickinson, North Dakota – A parody

Finding ourselves in Dickinson, North Dakota, over dinner and without reservation, we hoped for the local McDonald’s for a satisfying meal. After a brief wait behind a white caravan packed with half the local high school sports team and a green Pontiac firefighter with two 20-somethings on a date, we were greeted by the friendly voice coming from the screen and the loudspeaker.
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I explained that we had no reservations and as it was a Friday night we asked if they could accommodate us. Our stripped-down voice assured us that it would not be a problem.

A small background:
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Kelly’s McDonalds is located at 212 Museum Drive, Dickinson ND 58601. An excellent spot for a quick bite after visiting the Dakota Dinosaur Museum located 0.01 miles east. In addition to a quick and precise drive through the window, the complex offers a smoke-free indoor dining area and a seasonal covered outdoor dining area behind the restaurant.

The menu:
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Kelly’s McDonald’s offers a nice selection of American fare. including a variety of hamburgers and cheesecakes, chicken sandwiches, chicken & bread strips, wrappers, salads, potatoes, cola, mugs and coffees. Prices tend to be slightly higher as the area is in the midst of an oil explosion and many oil and drilling support companies are housing their employees in nearby hotels and motels at exorbitant prices.
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My husband opted for the double four-spoon of cheese, potatoes and iced tea. Our five year old preferred ten slices of chicken with rugby and iced water. We chose the Chicken Rago Salad with Roasted Chicken with Iced Tea to top it off.
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Our food arrived quickly and as ordered. The professionally prepared burgers and tender rolls are served in an attractive cardboard package, with striking graphics highlighting the contents of the package. The potatoes were embraced in a paper sleeve that provided easy access to the delectable and mildly salted potato chips. My Chicken Rago Chicken Salad was pleasantly encased in a plastic bowl, though a little difficult to open after stealing French fries (ok, more like 5). Properly chilled sweet tea was poured into Styrofoam-type styrofoam with just the right amount of ice.

The service:

The driver of the window who accepted our payment was a never-ending, no-nonsense, strictly business type and was extremely efficient and accurate. He has a great future as an accountant, or maybe prison jail.
The car that opened the window that sent us food was friendly and helpful, with the question of whether we needed croutons, ketchups or extra towels. We thought he would be an excellent logistics manager after going through the difficult times of his life and reaching high school.

The hours:

Restaurant: Sun to Thurs 5am – 11pm Fri and Sat 5am – 12am Drive Thru: Same as restaurant.

In total:

Neon decor is typical fast food, but not overly offensive or fragmentary. No musical accompaniment after turning off the stereo car for ordering. Typical patrons are the hordes of local students attending school after class, the gymnastics teams snatching a quick snack before the long, painful journey back to the dark city where the renowned oil producers enjoy. All in all, Kelly’s McDonald’s offers a quick meal for a family on the go.