The golden years of Minnesota tourism

From the 1860s to the 1930s, Minnesota was a travel mecca for athletes and woodswomen women from the east coast and the deep south. It was the epitome of "America's Favorite Fun," "The Ideal Out-of-Door Vacations," and "The Wonderland of the American Holiday." From New York to Alabama, people climbed James J. Hill's Great North […]

Hurricane season in Florida

I wrote this article last year when post-hurricane hurricanes hit Florida. This is hurricane season. This year, the season turned ugly for the state of Florida. "Florida has no season," they say. But now we can say that there are two separate seasons in Florida: the hurricane and the non-hurricane season. Last year, we moved […]

Travel guide to Pensacola, Florida

It is located in northwest Florida, ten miles from the Alabama State Line on its panhandle. Pensacola is rich in historical, military aviation and natural attractions, each of Florida signs its day, sand, seafood and water. Pensacola: Although St. Augustine, located on the eastern or Atlantic coast of Florida, is considered the oldest city in […]

Where to travel this fall?

Autumn is the season when summers are almost gone and winter is beginning to spread its wings. The days are shorter, the nights longer and more interesting, the summer crowds are disappearing, and this is the perfect time to plan a vacation or a quick outing. A wonderful time of the year when the beauty […]

Tigers tomorrow at Untamed Mountain

Tigers for Tomorrow is a privately owned exotic livestock farmer in the Untamed Mountain area of ‚Äč‚Äčnortheast Alabama. The facility is not a zoo, but a non-profit canning facility that provides a safe sanctuary for animals in need of a permanent home. A visit to Tigers for Tomorrow is an educational experience for all ages. […]